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Windows Phone stuck booting into “Plug into PC” mode

So last night my HTC Mozart battery was low so it shut itself down. This morning i turned it on and see this. I charged the phone but after rebooting i still see this icon. I connect the device and i get an error saying that it can’t restore the device. At this point i […]

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Caliburn Micro Navigation for Windows Phone

To navigate to a new page using Caliburn Micro first you need to register your ViewModel with the Caliburn Micro PhoneContainer in the AppBootstrapper In your view model add a INavigationService parameter to allow Caliburn Micro to inject the navigation service Then to navigate call Navigate on the UriFor method with your ViewModel type like […]

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Sterling Database for WP7 won’t Load or Delete

If you come access this issue check that your Key property for the object you are saving or deleting has a Public accessible get and set. This is required for all properties you wish to serialise.

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WP7 Does Not Update Binding Until Control Has Lost Focus

I was Using MVVM in one of my applications and came across a problem. I had a page bound to an object in the ViewModel and an ApplicationBarIconButton which allows you to save the item to Isolated Storage. The problem though is when you tap on the Application bar Icon it does not trigged the […]


Windows Phone 7 Community Wish List

Well its been about 3 weeks now since I started the Windows Phone 7 Community Wish List as I found myself like many others despite to provide quality feedback about the new Windows Phone 7 operating system. It started on the Windows Phone 7 Forums, which is another great place to ask questions and be […]

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NavigationService and MVVM on Windows Phone 7

If you have started to implement MVVM for your Silverlight on Windows Phone application then you will soon or a later discover that the NavigationService is only accessible from a class that inherits from PhoneApplocationPage. I found a very nice and clean solution for this problem by implementing an ApplicationController class that looks after all […]

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