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Making XML Comments a little less intrusive

I find XML Comments useful particularly when it comes to intellisense help however they can clutter up the code and make it hard to focus on the code. One thing i found useful was to change the font colour of Collapsed Text in Visual Studio to a very faded colour allowing you to focus on […]

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Visual Studio Log

If you ever have an issue with Visual Studio and you need to try and debug it you can create a log file by starting Visual Studio with the following arguments devenv.exe /log {LogFilePath} for example devenv.exe /log C:\temp\VSlog.xml

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Go to Next Word in the Visual Studio Editor

This has to be one of the best tips I have come across when coding in visual studio. In some cases, in particular when editing xaml, there will be case when you need to more you cursor over some text. For example in Xaml type The intellisence will help you out by changing it to […]

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Creating a Visual Studio Project Template

I wanted to start using the Model View ViewModel design pattern more often so I thought I would download a Visual Studio Template I could use when I create new projects. Well it seems like everyone is still a bit behind when it comes to creating templates for Visual Studio 2010. I did find a […]