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Handy Development Tools

Occasionally you come across a tool that solves a problem so well its handy to keep an note of them. This is a list of tools and technology that i find help me to perform better. I’ll continue to add to them as i discover more Charting and Design Tools Lucid Chart – Lucid […]

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Code Syntax Highlighting for WordPress

I personally feel WordPress is the best blogging site out there but when your blogging about code it can be hard to get you code presentable. It turns out that WordPress has built in support for this. The only problem is that I like the rich text editing that tools like Microsoft Word or […]

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SMTP Server for Testing

If you have ever tested emailing within your application you have probably had your inbox spammed with test emails. This is not only annoying but if you forget to update the email address to your owner account you rinks having those emails being sent to the wrong person. Today I was introduced to this application […]

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