Windows Phone stuck booting into “Plug into PC” mode

So last night my HTC Mozart battery was low so it shut itself down. This morning i turned it on and see this.

Download Mode

I charged the phone but after rebooting i still see this icon. I connect the device and i get an error saying that it can’t restore the device. At this point i decide to do a factory reset. The only problem is that this mode prevents the factory reset from working. My phone is suddenly a brick with no way to restore it. After many hours of research i stumble upon this article.

A step says to turn off the device and to hold to camera button while the device starts. It turns out that the tiny button that is pressed by the external case was stuck. it was hard to tell but after some fiddling with a pen it popped out and the phone started booting as normal. So just in case someone gets this issue check the camera button is not stuck.

  1. #1 by weesenz on November 11, 2012 - 5:41 am

    omfg i cant believe i did it! my phone is revived! a million thanks to you! ^^

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