Add / Remove Event Methods

  • AddEventHandler/RemoveEventHandler – These methods are called buy the UI Test Framework before and after recording to allow you to set up event handlers for the technology that will be used by your plugin.
  • AddGloablEventHandler/RemoveGlobalEventHandler – These methods are also used in the recording process to allow your plugin the ability to wire up system wide event handlers that are used by your plugin. These methods are called in the Recorder.Start and Recorder.Stop methods.
  • ProcessMouseEnter – This method is also used in the Recording process. It is called by the framework when the mouse in brought to a new process.
  • GetSyncronizationWaiter – This method is used in the Playback Scenario’s. It uses a UIISynchronizationWaiter object to help sync the technology with the plugin. It is only necessary to implement when you see any resiliency issues when interacting with the UI. The framework has its own default method otherwise. It works by performing a key or mouse stroke and then waiting on the UIISynchronizationWaiter to signal it is ok to proceed to the next action.
  1. UITechnologyManager class « Ryan Burnham's Blog

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