UITechnologyManager Search Methods


  • Search – Searches for an element matching the given query element. If the underlying UI Technology has rich APIs to search/navigate the UI hierarchy then implementing this method could improve the playback performance significantly.
    • This is an optional method and if the technology manager does not support this method it should throw System.NotSupportedException exception. If this is not supported then the framework uses GetChildren() API to do breadth-first traversal and for each element uses MatchElement() API to match & find.
  • GetLastInvocationInfo – Gets the information about the most recent invocation of the technology manager.
  • CancelStep – Cancels  any wait or search operation being performed by this technology manager because of call to WaitForReady or Search methods. This call is made on another thread as both WaitForReady and Search are blocking.
  1. UITechnologyManager class « Ryan Burnham's Blog

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