Go to Next Word in the Visual Studio Editor

This has to be one of the best tips I have come across when coding in visual studio. In some cases, in particular when editing xaml, there will be case when you need to more you cursor over some text. For example in Xaml type

The intellisence will help you out by changing it to

After typing the name you then need to either fiddle around with the arrow keys or use the mouse to click on the other side of the quote. (I’m a noob and found myself using the mouse to much).

The solution I found was to use a key combination of Shift + Space to skip to the next word. This is extremely useful and very natural in the way you type. It’s not a default though so you need to go to Tools > Options > Enviroment > Keyboard. Type in “Edit.WordNext” in the “Show commands containing” section, then select Edit.WordNext, Update the “Press shortcut keys:” section by selecting the field and hitting Shift + Space and then select assign.



Now you can skip blocks of words, this is also useful when you need to skip braces and so on.

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