Tips to Copy Test Steps from Word into Microsoft Test Manager

I have seen a few comments about not being able to copy your test plans from Word to Microsoft Test Manager, I tried this during the Release Candidate and I didn’t have an issue so I thought I would do some investigation.

Paste will not work if your cursor is within the Actions/Expected Results Field

There is a bit of a trick to this, if your cursor is within the Actions Field or the Expected Results field it will attempt to paste into that specific field.

For example if the word document looks like this

Test Step 1        Step 1 Expected Results
Test Step 2        Step 2 Expected Results

Note that the Tab character is how Test Manager determines what to put into the expected results field.

And your cursor is located within the first action field like

If you press Ctrl + v to paste it will only paste into the cell

So make sure that neither field is selected. You can do this by clicking below the last step in the blank white space

note there appears to be a few issues if you have started a new step and then want to deselect it, instead of returning to the default below, “Click here to add step” it keeps the cursor stuck on that line and is a bit of a pain to reset, not 100% sure on what resets it but I just clicked around a bit and got it to a state where the cursor was no longer in either field

Once it looks like this you remove any bullet points or numbering from the document and copy the list of steps.

Then right click below the “Click here to add a step” line and then select Paste

The end result should look like

For more information refer to this article

  1. #1 by VK on July 9, 2010 - 2:35 am

    Can you please upload a screen shot with multiple lines in a step.

    • #2 by RBurnham on July 9, 2010 - 5:29 am

      I’ve updated the post, does this explain it better?

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