MVC – Defining Scripts in Partial Views

One limitation of MVC that i’m not a fan of is the fact that you can not define scripts in a partial view and then have them rendered at the bottom of the page. In a view this can be done using a Scripts section and then calling RenderSection in you layout. The problem […]

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.net Regex Tips

A common problem you see in regex is the pattern can get complicated quickly. A new comer trying to understand a pattern can easily get lost in the complexity of the syntax. Just like any programming language its important to format and comment your code. A rarely used feature of regex allows for exactly this. […]

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Installing and Managing ActiveMQ on CentOS

I recently had to setup ActiveMQ on CentOS. I found there wasn’t a lot of info on how to do this specifically for CentOS and i had to patch together information from various linux based documentation. Because of this i thought i’d document the process in the hopes that someone might find this useful As […]


Handy Development Tools

Occasionally you come across a tool that solves a problem so well its handy to keep an note of them. This is a list of tools and technology that i find help me to perform better. I’ll continue to add to them as i discover more Charting and Design Tools Lucid Chart – Lucid […]

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MVP Award for Visual Studio ALM

At the start of the year i was pleasantly surprised with an email announcing that i have been accepted for the Visual Studio ALM MVP Award. Over the past year i provided ongoing feedback in regards to Microsoft Test Manager, Coded UI Tests  and Project management as well as creating this blog and being active […]


Unhandled Exceptions with AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException and Application.ThreadException

I have a strong belief that an application should fail in a way that is graceful and useful for fixing the problem. Because of this i was looking for a way to catch and any exceptions that you may have missed. This gives you the opportunity to log and possibly email you specific information to […]

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Linq to SQL Debug Logging

So today i stumbled upon a Linq to SQL feature i didn’t know of but thought it could be useful. Linq to SQL allows you to attach a logger to the DataContext object. You can quickly log to the Output window with the following code Here is a useful blog i found with some other […]

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